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adult   trolleydolley halo Angel
  Trolley Dolly Costume Red Riding Hood Dress Mad Hatter Costume
  57.98 79.58 83.63
  Kiddy King Costume Vintage Nurse Costume Fireman Costume
  36.38 37.73 29.63
  sword glasses scar
  Rapier Costume Jumbo Specs Self Stitched Up Scar
  13.16 10.73 10.13
  pirate hat captain Piratehat
  Fever Pirate Hat Captain's Cap Authentic Pirate Hat
  19.91 10.13 32.33
  thigh corset petticoat
  Thigh High Stockings Fever Boutique Corset Yellow Tulle Petticoat
  8.78 59.33 24.98
  afro Sixties snowbite
  Mother Of All Afro Wig Sixties Beehive Wig Snowbite Wig
  30.98 29.63 19.58
  Fever Army Fever Referee clown
  Fever Army Boots Fever Referee Boots Clown Shoes
  67.43 43.13 36.38


Why Buy Costumes From Cool Costumes?

Cool Costumes is an online based Australian costume shop that has a wide range of clothes. The store has clothes for various functions like the beach party and also for clowns which are used by circus and other performers. Cool Costumes has over 2000 designs and accessories that one can choose from. It is a one stop shop for all your costume shopping needs as we also offer shipping services for the products that we sell at a flat rate of 12.50 (Express Post).  

Some of the best categories of costumes that are available in this store include; the adult costumes. These costumes include the feather angel wings which cost $29.95; there is also the red riding hood dress which costs $79.58 and the mad hatter costume which costs $83.63. You can also find some very nice kids’ costumes which include the likes of kiddy king costume which costs $36.38, vintage nurse costume which costs $37.73 and the fireman’s costume which costs $29.63. Cool Costumes also has many accessories that can be worn together with other costumes. A good example of these accessories is the jumbo heart shaped specs.

At Cool Costumes, you can also find some great hats and headwears.  We have the fever pirate hat, captain’s cap and the authentic pirate hat. We also get some very nice shoes here. We have the fever army boots that cost, fever referee boots, and clown shoes which. The dresses that we have are very unique and this can be seen by looking at the fancy dresses that we offer. We have the Easter fancy dresses which includes the like of the bunny set, bunny set and gloves temptress white long 18 which costs $16.54, $16.54 and $11.81 respectively. There are also the pirate fancy dresses which include the likes of dick pirate commander hat, pirate hat and pirate captain hat among many others. We also have the workplace fancy dresses which include the likes of captains’ hat, army hat and the pilot’s hat and more.

Cool Costumes is also a good destination for cheap costumes. This is because we have some costumes that costs between $7 and $10. Other costumes also cost as much as $100 but if you compare that with the quality that you will get, then the price is justifiable. Based on the services offered and the number of costumes available on the Cool costumes online shop we can basically rate ourselves as the best online costume shop that you can ever come across on the internet